Great Video on Current Social Media Trends

Here’s an engaging video I found with a bunch of stats—a.k.a reasons—why you should care about social media for your business . The video itself is called Social Media Revolution 2 and is a promo, more or less, for the book “socialnomics.”

You will be astounded by some of these facts. They’re amazing even if you don’t use social media.

In the end, the points are:

  1. Social media is an incredible tool most people are using
  2. It has a chance to make or break your business
  3. You should start using some mix of it

Web Malama has been on the social media bandwagon for a while now and we’ve had mixed success and learned along the way.

Give us a call if you’d like to hear some of our successes and failures, or if you’d like to tell us yours!