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Jasper Guide Services gives personal bass fish guide on Minnesota’s famous Lake Minnetonka. The business was in its first full year when Dan Jasper, owner, contacted me to see what we could do to increase his search engine rankings and his number of customers. Dan also wanted to learn the process in order to implement future changes himself.

The Lake Minnetonka fishing guide marketplace is fairly competitive, particular in search engine optimization where the competition includes not only other guides, but also many real estate salespeople and condo rental properties focused on similar search phrases.

After selecting the best possible search phrases using a research and analysis process, we implemented our strategy, placing keywords, building links, starting a blog, and getting referral links. All the while I focused on teaching Dan the skills and knowledge to do it himself in future as needed.

Results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing have all improved. Their primary search phrases are all steadily increasing in search ranking with all but one now on the first page of results in the major search engines. In many cases, Jasper Guide Services is now found on the fist page of results for search phrases it was not listed for at all in the past.

Google Rank Change Yahoo! Rank Change
lake minnetonka fishing 2 Up 10 4 entered
lake minnetonka fishing guides 2 Up 12 2 entered
lake minnetonka fishing guide 2 Up 15 4 Up 6
minnetonka fishing guide 3 Up 12 4 entered

Top 10 listings

  • Google 21
  • Yahoo! 19
  • Bing 20


  • Met expectations = 5/5
  • Would recommend Web Malama to a friend = 5/5
  • Project satisfaction = 5/5
  • Price to services value = 5/5


“Web Malama did a great job explaining the recommendations. Once I decided which program to go with, Web Malama walked me through the process step by step. This systematic approach was a great way to keep on track and ensure everything was covered. All I needed to do was watch the results.

I am very pleased with the results. I am on the first page, moving up! My call volume has increased and in turn so has business.”

Dan Jasper, Owner


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