Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get more traffic to your website with better search engine rankings.

We earn you great rankings and more customers with organic (natural), white-hat search engine optimization (SEO).

Aaron Brown, Malama Online Marketing

“We believe that SEO is the wrong term. We’re not here to cater to and play games with search engines and neither are you. We’re both here to earn quality traffic to your site. Through website publicity–getting the word out about you and your site to those who want to know–you build a unique portfolio of links to your site that attract real people and make a lasting impact.

As a side benefit, you rank higher in search engines! And, your ranking will hold through search engine algorithm updates. Why? Because you will have honest-to-goodness links to your site from trustworthy websites and individuals, and that’s what search engines are looking for–not spam or link games.”

You have a great business offering quality products, services, and experiences. But not as many people as you’d like are walking through your door, calling in, or visiting your website. Why not?

In today’s world, you must rank well in search engines to be found. It didn’t used to be that way. The marketing mix used to be sending out direct mailers, calling people on the phone, getting listed in the yellow pages, and putting out a few print ads.

82% of your customers are looking online before making purchase decisions.

Enter search engine optimization. SEO helps your business get more customers through the Internet by being more findable and more trustworthy. Good SEO puts your website in front of the right people, more times, earning better rankings in search engine results. And better rankings means more clicks and more traffic to your site.

Together, we research and implement the phrases your customers are using to find you.

Using your keyword list, we put together a strategy unique to your business–a strategy to earn great, long-lasting rankings.

This includes:

  • Editing your website content
  • Linking your content so that search engines know what you’re about
  • Technical changes to your website itself
  • Helping search engines know you exist
  • Creating new, engaging content that will earn links from others
  • Publicize your site, your business and your offerings
  • Build inbound links to your site with hard work and great content
  • Measure and Improve

We won’t stop until you rank well for the most important phrases for your business, and more relevant traffic is coming your way.

The Tools of Great Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Keyword research is foundational to a successful search engine optimization plan. The result of good keyword research is a list of 30 to 50 (or more depending on your market) precise phrases that will bring the most targeted traffic to your site.

Good keyword research will give you words with the most people searching and the least competition. Any SEO’er should be able to deliver this. In fact, you can create it with several readily available, free tools. I refine that list with years of experience and business intelligence, pruning and training it until we have chosen the right words that will bring you the most valuable traffic.

SEO Your Site

Performing Search Engine Optimization starts with what you can control—your site. Using the finalized list of keywords from the research above, we edit each of your pages so that search engines know what every page, and what your website as a whole, is about and when it should be shown in search results.

  • Content
    Your content is what sets your website apart from all others, and one of the main pieces that search engines use to understand and rank it. This includes each page’s title, headlines, formatting, links, keywords, and meta tags.

    • Existing pages, products, and posts
      We’ll edit existing pages, products, and posts to line up with the appropriate keywords and reflect them to search engines accordingly.
    • New Pages and Posts
      It is best to have each page on your website laser-focused on a specific goal. Sometimes that goal is branding, sometimes it’s conversion, sometimes it’s getting traffic…and sometimes it’s all three. In this case, we’re talking traffic.We’ll see which of your target keywords aren’t yet represented in your site and add pages accordingly to start attracting targeted visitors for those words.

      Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t.

  • On-site Linking
    This is one of the most powerful tools an SEO’er possesses. It is tedious, time-consuming, and exacting work, so it is often left out of standard practice. In short, we analyze the links on your website and edit, move, add, and trim them to match your keywords in both priority and text.
  • Submissions
    Telling search engines and directories about your website gets you listed in more places that your customers may be looking. In addition to being visible more places, links from good directories builds your credibility, trustworthiness, and rankings.

    • Search Engines
      We’ll register your site with search engines and directly tell them the address, title, and priority of each page on your site. Then, we’ll keep the search engines updated as new pages are added to your site.
    • Local Search
      Help people nearest you, and even nationwide, find you through local search directories. Perhaps the most important of these are Google Places and Yahoo Local. This gets you on the map and into the search results.
    • General Directories
      Add your website to nationwide directories like Yellow Pages and more to build your credibility.
    • Specific Directories
      Get you listings in industry specific directories that will further your credibility, help search engines know how to categorize you, bring more visitors, and earn higher rankings.

Track and Improve

  • Integrate Shopping Cart Tracking
    Make sure that your shopping cart and your analytics accounts are working together so that we can get a single view to know what is working and what is not.
  • Continually Analyze Reports
    Improvement without measurement is like shooting a gun at a target in the dark. Sounds dangerous. So, we’ll poor over the reports to understand where we need to redouble our efforts and how to best use the available resources.
  • Adjust, tweak, and create as needed

Build Links

Link building is the number one most powerful way to get better rankings in search engines.

That’s also why it’s the most difficult and resource-consuming effort (perhaps vice-versa really).

This is also why link building is the most scam-intensive area of SEO. If you’ve heard of the terms ‘white-hat’ and ‘black-hat’ this is where they’re often used. Web Malama uses only ethical, legal, and (we think) intelligent link building practices. To put it bluntly, we don’t consider ourselves smarter than the teams of uber-engineers working at Google and Microsoft who are specifically tasked with weeding out junk link-building and buying links.

So, rather than waste time gaming a system that will eventually catch up and lay waste to our years of work, we’d rather do it right the first time. This saves our customers money and turns their SEO into a lasting investment that will continue to get returns for years to come. Why? Because your content will be so worthy of being linked to. And that won’t change when search engine algorithms do.

Other website’s linking to and referring your website creates a sort of virtual fingerprint that tells search engines what the rest of the world thinks about you. Your unique link profile plays the biggest part (next to your site’s content) in how you rank.

  • PR Distribution
    Getting press releases out to publicity and press release websites to distribute your news is a good way to help more people find you quickly. Your releases will end up on hundreds of industry sites, and if they’re good enough, you may even earn links from authoritative news outlets.
  • Bookmarking Websites
    Social bookmarking websites like digg, Pinterest, and others can bring a tremendous amount of traffic if your content gets traction. The more times your website is shared, the more traffic you’ll see and the more credibility you’ll gain with search engines. We’ll work to get your website incoming links.
  • Appropriate Industry websites and blogs
    We’ll work to earn you good links. Good links means links from other trustworthy websites related to your content. It also usually means actually contacting real, live people who can review and recommend your website.