Social Media Marketing

Put Social Media to Work for You

Malama Online Marketing helps you create and implement a social media strategy that will earn you new customers through the most powerful marketing vehicle ever known–word of mouth.

We believe that social media pages need to be:

  • brand consistent
  • intentionally managed
  • maintained

Nearly 2/3 of US Internet users regularly use a social network.

93% of US adult internet users are on Facebook

Not only do we help you set your strategy, but we also work closely with you to integrate the efforts into your existing marketing program.

We help you:

  1. Create a consistent strong brand and message
  2. Increase awareness of your services
  3. Get more customers
  4. Increase customer loyalty
  5. Develop new products/services through customer collaboration

What we do:

  • Create a social media strategy
  • Establish your presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or others that fit your market
  • Create effective short- or long-term campaigns
  • Manage the day-to-day activities on your accounts
  • Analyze activity and improve

What’s this Social Media thing all about?

A revolution has taken place in the way we talk and share with friends, companies, professionals, and even products. Today businesses and people are connecting and engaging in online communities and networks called social media–in fact, it’s the number 1 Internet activity in America.

Did you know that Facebook is now the most preferred way of sharing content – second only to email?

Social Media Marketing channels-from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and mobile applications like FourSquare facilitate the conversations between customers and potential customers, hosting brand-related conversations about your business.

Conversations are quick, candid, and potent covering everything from the totally obscure to the intensely personal. In fact, people are probably already discussing your business online. Adding social media to your online marketing mix is about joining the conversations taking place, engaging people in a brand-consistent way on their terms.

The challenge for your business is to earn new customers and strengthen your relationship with those you have by engaging them authentically and adding value to their day.

The Cost of Social Media

The sharable nature of social media means that reaching your audience can cost significantly less per thousand than using traditional tools. Instead, it requires large investments of time, authenticity, and creativity.

We help you establish social media practices that can be easily implemented by you or knowledgeable people within your business while reducing dependence on traditional, more cash-expensive media.

Content and Control

There are two big questions for most companies when it comes to starting up with social media.

  1. What content will we put up there…do we even have anything to say?
  2. What if we can’t control the conversation?

First, you may be surprised how much we can find to share that will engage your audience.

  • You can draw from many sources–staff, co-workers, friends, family
  • Ask questions of your audience
  • Publish your business news and press
  • Pull from current events
  • Share and encourage ratings and reviews

Second, it is important realize that you cannot control social media or your customers. Instead, you can cultivate the communities and relationships that grow as a result of talking together, participating in and influencing the conversation.

Internally, you can have a greater degree of control, particularly how you communicate your brand. To facilitate that, we produce and provide you with:

  • Social Media Philosophy Document unique to your business
  • Social Media Best Practices 1-page Document to share with staff
  • Response Flow Chart Document to know how to handle comments, reviews, and activity
  • Participation Guidelines Document to help your staff be on the same page with how to communicate
  • Participation Policies Document to clearly state your rules
  • Terms of Use Document to establish some security
  • Byline Description for your business to consistently display across blogs, guest spots, forums, and profiles

Reviews and Ratings

Interactive Marketing isn’t the future, it’s already here. That means that you need to get some conversation going around your business and your products.

“90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, 70% trust peer reviews posted online, and only 14% trust traditional advertising.”


Social Media Pricing and Deliverables

Our social media pricing is based on the time and resources needed to create a moving online presence in social media. It varies widely from client to client.

Depending on your needs we put together a package that includes some or all of the following.


  • Dedicated account representative
  • Consultation with us
  • Social Media Software Recommendations
  • Social Media concept development
  • Social media competitive analysis
  • Social Media SWOT analysis

Structures and Policies

  • Philosophy Document
  • Social Media Best Practices 1-page Document
  • Response Flow Chart Document
  • Participation Guidelines Document
  • Participation Policies Document
  • Terms of Use Document
  • Byline Description for info/bio areas

Social Networking

  • Facebook Setup, Profile/Page Editing
  • Facebook Profile Banner Design
  • Weekly Facebook Engagement
  • Integrate on your website


  • Twitter Setup, Profile/Page Editing
  • Twitter custom background design
  • Weekly Twitter Engagement


  • Blog setup
  • Blog search engine optimization
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Online press release submissions

Ratings/Reviews/Local Search

  • Google Places Page
  • Yahoo Local Page
  • Bing Local Page
  • Listing

Brand Management

  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Daily reputation & community monitoring


  • Monthly reporting & analysis

Support and Learning

  • Emails / Chat support
  • Phone support
  • Personal consultations per month