Website Design

We create compelling websites.

Your website and online presence should create a compelling experience for your customers, engaging them and transforming them from just looking to so glad to have found you.

From beautiful and effective brochure sites to successful online stores, Malama Online Marketing delivers a rich harvest.

We have a strong history of creating beautiful, easy-to-use, and effective websites that communicate your brand and grow your sales and awareness.

Here are a few of our recent designs. Check out more in our portfolio here.

  • CMBS Website Development
  • A Victorian Bride WordPress Site
  • The Inn At Old Town WordPress Development
  • Credit Management Specialists WordPress Development

Mobile Website Design

Mobile website design–sometimes called “responsive” web design–is a big deal. More and more people, think in terms of millions here, are using mobile devices to access the web every year. As we we all turn to phones, tablets, handhelds, and other devices to get online, it can mean a fundamental shift in how your website displays.

By the end of 2011, 50% of Americans owned a smartphone.

74% of smartphone users have made a purchase from their smartphone.

Your business must have a brand consistent presence when people use mobile devices to interact with it. If you are a local business and use our search engine optimization services, you will automatically get a mobile site and mobile listings it multi-million subscriber apps like iPhone’s “AroundMe.”

It follows then, that your website needs to adapt and respond to however your customers are viewing it, regardless of their screen size or browsing capabilities. This can mean anything from minor adjustments to a totally different looking experience for mobile users.

We understand mobile and design your website in an adaptable, responsive way. Depending on your needs and your audience, we can go beyond just being responsive and leverage mobile technology to create a specific experience for your mobile users.