Malama Online Marketing Team

The Malama Online Marketing team is operated entirely by me (Aaron), joining together the right craftsmen/craftswomen for each project from my pool of super-talented designers, branding experts, copy writers, and developers.

So then, the Malama team you will work with is actually made up of a group of professional business owners and freelancers, each bringing their skills to bear only on specific projects that call for it. You could call it a cooperative, with the project leader being the person closest to the client.

This flexible model allows us to work with clients nationwide and at half the cost of agencies and boutique firms, while providing you true specialists for your business.

I am proud to get to work with these professionals  and love the results we bring our clients.

Aaron Brown

After years of being an online marketer on both the client and agency side, Aaron started Malama Online Marketing to help businesses grow on the web.

"I chose the concept of Malama (caretaker) because it intentionally puts the focus on helping my customers and their business, not my own. It also acknowledges that we are invested in each other and working together to produce good fruit. I see a caretaker of online marketing being responsible for making it thrive–fertilizing the environment, planting and growing the right elements, and trimming away the bad ones."

Aaron is a devil’s advocate by nature and can’t stop from viewing businesses and marketing from every angle.

In his spare time, Aaron loves taking to the mountains and the ocean with his family enjoying the sun, or inside watching too much television and critiquing advertisements.

Amy Lane

Amy Lane

Amy is the Principal of Branding and Graphic Design at BAS1S Architecture, Branding, Graphic Design. Her business experience helps her understand how businesses run and how they make money. As a result, the designs she creates focus on powerful and effective communication that increases business and revenue.

"In this cluttered world, your customers need to understand your 1 unique promise. The space your business occupies, your logo, your website and your marketing stategy all work together to attract and retain business."

We love developing Amy's clean, focused designs. When not glued to her computer, Amy likes to run, hike, ski or anything that takes her outside.

Jonathan Day

Jonathan Day

Jonathan is a talented graphic designer and brander who constantly keeps his focus on the big picture. As the Principal at bluchair media, inc. he is concerned with how your identity is being applied from the web to your business cards to billboards.

"Your identity states who you are. It says, 'Hey, this is what I do and how I do it.'"

Jonathan does a great job helping clients express just who they are.

Kim Longeteig

Kim Longeteig

Kim is Founder and Principal at Ali'i Marketing and Design, based in Loveland, Colorado. She has been in the fields of marketing, advertising and graphic design since the mid-90's.

"Great design tells a story. It sets you apart. It differentiates your business from all the other similar services and shares the value you bring to your customers."

Kim specializes in graphic design, web design and development, marketing, and advertising for the radiology industry. She is invited to speak on a regular basis at the Radiology Business Management Association, where she serves on the Board of Directors.

Tom Patrick

Tom Patrick

If you want to talk branding (who doesn't?), Tom is our go-to guy as a Branding Specialist. As Creative Director of Thomas Patrick Brand Design he has years of experience ranging from start-ups to small businesses to big telecommunications companies.

"Your brand identity is the face of your business...make sure that face is clean before it goes out into public."

Tom is a fantastic brand champion, creating unique identities that stand out and fit you. And on top of that, he is able to bring that identity to life with his wicked good design skills.

He spends his free time coaching baseball, hitting the Colorado slopes, and water-skiing whenever he can.