Making Your Business a Wild Horse

Two young Nokota mares

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting the little book cliffs wild horse area.  We planned the trip for a couple of weeks ahead of time and looked forward to it with great anticipation. We had a great time driving around exploring and discovering several of the horses.

As we passed several easily viewable horses in pastures on our way home I wondered what made wild horses so different that I was willing to suffer car sickness, cold weather, and high winds to see them from a great distance when I can pull over almost anywhere and see the same animal up close and in comfort.

Wild horses are just horses, or are they?

What separates wild horses apart from ordinary horses is that they have a story behind them.  We don’t view them like a common horse in a field.  Instead, they get a special place in our hearts and minds because we think of them as courageous, mysterious, and untamed.  Their story is one of untold trials of instincts, survival, family, and life.

This gives us a romantic sense about them.  It allows my imagination to kick in and to wonder just how I’m going to encounter them.  Am I going to find life, death, action, or just simple eating?  Either way, I feel like I’m the one who discovered it.  That I’m taking part in something as unique and short-lived.

I don’t experience that with a common horse and a field.

This recent Sherman’s Lagoon illustrates the point well.

Stories  Matter

Stories Matter

What kind of story are your products telling?  Are they telling any story all?

Or, are they simply been common?  And in the end, do you think you could have more success if your products did tell stories?

So right now, pick the one product that you really want to sell and write a quick story about it.  Then share with us, we’d love to hear what you came up with and see how it can impact your online marketing.

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