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Spine Correction Center of the Rockies

Being a fairly new and specialized spine correction center can be tough. People tend to describe you as a “chiropractor” rather than the more accurate term “medical clinic.” Once that happens, you’re now competing with thousands of other chiropractors. And with more and more people choosing their medical professionals through online research, that puts you in a tough place–trying to come up first in search results over others with large budgets and established sites.

So, when Spine Correction Center contacted me to bring them more phone calls and sales from their website and online presence we had our work cut out for us.

I started by working with them to select the best possible keywords, like Fort Collins back pain, that would bring them the most traffic, and the most-likely-to-convert-traffic. Then, we put what I call a “Social Media Distribution” plan in place that integrated with their PR firm’s work. The plan aims to build referral traffic, in-bound links, and saturate search engine results, making it nearly impossible for Spine Correction Center to not show up online when people need their services.

Within a month Spine Correction Center’s website traffic jumped more than 200%. More phone calls are coming in. More clients are being treated. With each monthly distribution effort, Spine Correction Center saturates Google’s search results often getting at least 7 of the top 10 results for our targeted phrases.


  • Met expectations = 5/5
  • Would recommend Web Malama to a friend = 5/5
  • Project satisfaction = 5/5
  • Price to services value = 5/5


“Working with Web Malama has been a dream.  Finally someone who understands technical things can explain it to someone who doesn’t.  Clear communication was present throughout the project, enabling the consumer to understand specifically their own needs more effectively.

Amazing, thanks again Web Malama.”

Dr. Michael Farrell, Owner

Who Was Involved

  • Jonathan Day

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Work done circa July, 2010
Spine Correction Center Online Marketing