SEO Report Card, Small Site


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Uncover your websites strengths, weaknesses, and best opportunities for improvement!

Get a Search Engine Optimization Report Card detailing what you need to improve your website’s performance in search engines. We will evaluate your website and answer the following questions and make recommendations :

  • What is your Digital Fingerprint (who is linking to your site, where is your site listed)
  • How are you doing in Social Media?
  • What do your Ratings/Reviews look like? And what about the process to get more?
  • Who are your strongest competitors online? What do your competitors’ digital footprints look like? Where are they beating you, and by how much? What are they doing that you should be?
  • What keywords do you need to use to help your customers find you?
  • How should you use those keywords on your site?
  • How well can search engines see your site?
  • Are your Analytics set up to give you actionable intelligence?
  • How are you ranking in Google and Bing today?

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