Bing Buys Yahoo Search: SEO Effects

How will Yahoo’s search results being replaced by Bing’s effect your site?

seo bing buys yahoo chart

With Bing replacing Yahoo search results, there will be only 2 main players. Percentages base on comScore's July 2010 stats.

With Microsoft’s recent purchase of Yahoo! search, you’ll now find all your searches in Yahoo! matching exactly those in Bing.

So, if your website ranked 1st in Yahoo! and 10th in Bing for “best burritos in Fort Collins” before the purchase, you’ll now find yourself ranking 10th in both search engine results.

In one sense, this makes optimizing your site a little easier, reducing the number of search companies you’re trying to impress with your content.

In another sense it doesn’t change anything. The steps for you to get good rankings for the words people are using to find you are still the same:

  • Create really good content
  • Do what you can on the page and in the html code to make it clear what your content is about
  • Get tons of quality links to your pages

And yet, now you have to make sure you’re really on your game for Bing. Before the merger, Bing received about 10% of US searches. Now they will be receiving about 30%.

That’s right–one-third of US Internet searches will show search results from Bing. So, be sure you’re up-to-snuff on your Bing placements.

comScore’s July 2010 stats, the closest stats prior to the merger, show the search traffic rankings:

comScore Explicit Core Search Share Report*
July 2010 vs. June 2010
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore qSearch
Core Search Entity Explicit Core Search Share (%)
Jun-10 Jul-10 Point Change
Total Explicit Core Search 100.0% 100.0% N/A
Google Sites 66.2% 65.8% -0.4
Yahoo! Sites 16.7% 17.1% 0.4
Microsoft Sites 11.0% 11.0% 0.0
Ask Network 3.8% 3.8% 0.0
AOL LLC Network 2.4% 2.3% -0.1