Search Engine Optimization Basics #1: Exist

The single most important part of ranking well in any search engine, is to let the search engine know your website exists.

If you want to be found in Google, Yahoo, or Bing’s rankings, they must first know your site has graced the Internet with its presence. Until then, hope and wish as you might, it is a certainty that you will not appear in their results.

Here are a few ways you can make search engines aware of your terrific new (or possibly old) website:

  1. Tell them. Submit your website address (URL) directly to them:
    • Google:
    • Yahoo:
    • Bing:
    • Open Directory Project:
  2. Get another website that is listed in search engine results to link to yours. It’s like overhearing a conversation. The search engine overhears someone else talking about your site: “Hey Bill, who did you say was a good mechanic on my side of town?” “That would be Henry over on 4th street. He’s great.”

Wait a few days, then check the search engines for your website. If you see any of your website’s pages, congratulations they know you exist!


  1. Good tip. Thanks, bro.