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Credit Management Specialists WordPress Development

Dan Beck’s Credit Management Specialists is a small, highly skilled credit repair team based out of Greeley, CO. The nature of their business is highly personal, dealing with one of the most sensitive subjects people have–finances. This means it is critically important to communicate and establish trust as fast as possible when meeting a potential client. At the same time, it is important to bring out the softer and less dull side of credit and finance to engage, rather than bore, clients.

To build trust quickly, we focused on being straightforward with the facts of credit repair and putting as much education as possible into a visitors hands. All parts of the site point to education materials and ways to start improving your credit before even contacting CMS. We wanted people to know that CMS’s priority is helping.

To make the site softer, we chose a color palette and textures that are warm and inviting, rather than sterile or shiny. We also used common language while describing complicated matters and included faces whenever possible.

The site was developed in WordPress to allow for quick updating by the client, a consistent experience across pages, and easy addition of advanced functionality. We wrote in custom functions for touch-enabled sliders, direct connection to AWeber mailing lists, and time-sensitive offer placement.

CMS is one of the only credit repair companies in Colorado. As such, their search engine optimization needs go way beyond a local business; instead, they require a state-wide effort that encompasses major markets like Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and more.

Who Was Involved

  • Jonathan Day

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Work done circa January, 2013
Credit Management Specialists WordPress Development