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MediaWorks Resource Group

MediaWorks Resource Group is a talented media training company based out of Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in helping people present the best message possible when giving interviews over television, radio, or the Internet.

As you can imagine, media trainers work in the Big Leagues and therefore must themselves come across as clear and professional. They often work with clients in high profile fields like healthcare, government, or entertainment.

We worked with founder Mark Bernheimer to put together a custom site based on a familiar theme. We extended it with professionally designed elements and scrolling elements on each page to include as much information as possible while still being clear.

Using the latest technology and trends, the site is intentionally set up to look the same in all browsers, including desktop and mobile.

Developed from the ground up, we included important phrases in the guts of the site, helping search engines understand what it is all about. We also optimized each page for specific phrases and added in other important information to make sharing content easy and accurate with multiple social media services.

The end result is a highly professional site that reflects the expertise clients will receive. It is effective at informing potential clients and encouraging them to take action in the form of a call or email.

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Work done circa June, 2013
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