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Equipping Institute

Group Publishing provides innovative and effective resources for churches all over the country. They reached out to Malama Online to help launch a new resource they were introducing called, “Group’s Equipping Institute.”

“For more than 40 years Group Publishing has been working closely with churches all over the country to develop innovative resources that positively transform ministries. Group’s Equipping Institute exists solely to share our expertise with ministry leaders like you. We use a collaborative approach to training; from beginning to final implementation, we are by your side.”

We truly enjoy working with medium-sized companies who are working hard to grow and improve their resources. Group is one of these, and it is filled with talented staff. For this project, they provided the copy writing and site outline while we provided the website design, development, and implementation on their own custom content management system.

The goal of the website was to introduce the resource to customers, educate them on what it has to offer, and ultimately help them sign up to attend a course. We provided clear information throughout, including handouts and take-aways to help staff convince their teams on the value of attending a course. We also created a clear direction to communicate important information like dates, cost, and main benefits. We then connected the events to a 3rd-party sign up form.

Who Was Involved

  • Amy Lane

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Work done circa July, 2014