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Church Volunteer Central

Church Volunteer Central is a members-only website offering foundational resources, forms, articles, instruction and more to volunteer leaders at churches throughout the country. They had been through a couple of redesigns over the years to stay current. At the time, their site was text-heavy, feeling more like a legal library than a volunteer association. When they contacted us about improving their site the goal was to, “…create a product that we can be proud to show our members and use to increase our membership, while putting it all in a content management system easily updated by our staff.”

In addition to website redesign, CVC wanted to overhaul their branding, complete with a brand standards guide (colors, language, placement, usage, etc) for future artists and team members. Like all websites today, they needed to remain in good ranking for SEO, ideally improving for their most important phrases and markets.

We took CVC through the Malama Rebranding Process, had key content written and created, and came up with a fresh look and feel to communicate the enthusiasm, joy, and personality of the business.

In implementing the new design in a WordPress CMS, we put paid content behind a membership-only wall, integrated custom email messaging, and wrote custom plugins for navigation, a classroom teaching module, staff manager, and online assessments. All of this while migrating customer records and hundreds of resources from an Access database to WordPress’s native MySQL tables.

Eventually, we also migrated a public blog from another domain to the CVC site, bringing the total number of resources into the thousands.

CVC’s search engine optimization not only maintained key rankings, but also improved in many areas previously untapped. Members enjoyed the new look, the CVC team was proud to market their updated product, and the staff was empowered to make updates and add new resources at will.

Who Was Involved

  • Tom Patrick

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Work done circa September, 2010
CVC Membership Site Web Design