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Spiritual Gifts Discovery

Group Publishing has provided excellent resources for Churches for decades. In this case, they wanted a top-quality spiritual gifts discovery assessment site that integrated with their other Adult Ministry and Church Volunteer resources.

“With the easy-to-use online assessment, your volunteers and entire church will discover their own spiritual gifts and better understand how God has uniquely wired them to serve. Plus, you’ll know their gifts, too, so you can equip them and plug them in where you need their gifts. The assessment is mobile friendly, too!”

We worked with Group to create a simple and effective user experience for church administrators to invite participants and watch their progress. Administrators can quickly and easily create profiles, send invitations in bulk or one-at-a-time, and receive email notifications upon assessment completions. Assessment takers take a focused assessment and see their results and interpretations immediately, sharing results if they’d like.

The site is membership-only and required integration with current e-commerce systems, completely custom user management, and an advanced email notification system. The site, front-end and back-end, is completely mobile-friendly with a responsive design.

Who Was Involved

  • Tom Patrick

More Information

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Work done circa May, 2014