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Prospect Newtown

Prospect Newtown is a unique community development located in Longmont, CO. They have been building and growing their urbanist project for several years now. To usher in the final stages of development, they wanted a new, up-to-date website that fit their physical presence and branding while also featuring what makes their community unique.

The site needed to clearly communicate the advantages of the community, help attract new home buyers and be a place for residents and businesses to share photos and get information. It also needed to be easily updated by Prospect Newtown staff, who would be keeping home listings current.

We built the site using WordPress and a custom, fully-responsive to mobile devices theme designed by Amy Lane at BAS1S Architecture and Design. Amy matched their branding and even furthered it in some areas to create a beautiful, cohesive, and easily-recognizable site.

The back end provided a simple way for the staff to add new listings, pictures, detailed property drawings, and page updates. We also set up a specialized map connected to Google services, creating a virtual tour of the neighborhood.

From Prospect Newtown:

“Prospect Newtown, Colorado’s first New Urbanist community, is located on a former 80-acre tree farm. When Prospect’s developer, Kiki Wallace, bought the farm from his family, his goal was to build a distinctive project which would minimize negative impacts on the land. He hired the firm of Duany Plater-Zyberk (DPZ), the internationally recognized planners of Seaside (Florida) and Kentlands (Maryland) to give form to his vision. The result is a uniquely livable blend of traditional and modern planning concepts, built out in a broad range of architectural styles.

The New Urbanist planning movement proposes an antidote to conventional and sprawling suburban development, which is characterized by oversized front yards; wide, featureless streets; and inhospitable house fronts dominated by huge garage doors.”

Who Was Involved

  • Amy Lane

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Work done circa June, 2014