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Mountain Girl Fitness

Starting a business from scratch is always an adventure. There are a million and one ducks to get in a row and not much time to do it.

Mountain Girl Fitness contacted us in mid-logo design looking for someone to build them an effective, well-optimized website. They are an energetic pair and communicated a fun and unique vision for their outdoor boot camp and yoga for women. They knew in their minds what they wanted the business to be but weren’t sure how that translated to a website.

Enter our brand guru Tom Patrick. The Mountain Girl team completed our Malama Brand Brief, learning a lot about how they wanted to tell their story. From our exploring process we discovered that what they are really selling is beyond a service, and beyond an experience…instead they are offering transformations.

Centering on transformations set the tone of the website design. We paired that with active women, the outdoors, sportiness, and refreshment. We were able to incorporate the completed logo onto a textured treatment, giving it extra oomph and adding the site overall.

The site was created on a WordPress content management system so that Mountain Girl can make changes as needed on their own. In addition, the site was optimized for search engines from the ground up, giving them an edge as they start out.

“We couldn’t be happier with your work! We make a good team!” Tracy Hodgdon, Co-Owner

Who Was Involved

  • Tom Patrick

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Work done circa February, 2012
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