Should We Be Blogging

your blog“More people have read this shirt than your blog.”

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. It’s a hot topic and it applies to everyone from new businesses to well-established ones.

Starting a blog is a pretty easy thing. Figuring out how to use it to your advantage is a bit tougher. Blogging is great for your website search engine optimization and creating a customer touch point. If you do it right.

65% of daily internet users read a blog.

About 46% of daily internet users read more than one blog every day.

Businesses that blog at least 20 times per month generate 5X more traffic and 4X more leads than those that only blog a few times per month.

Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don’t?

In general, you should have a blog.  They are not right all cases, but they are helpful for most. Here’s why:

  1. Blogging can set you up as a subject matter expert and build your credibility
  2. Adding new content to your website can improve your rankings in search engines
  3. Adding new content lets people know your active, working, and care
  4. The right content can help someone and earn you customers