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We have a strong history of creating beautiful, easy-to-use, and effective websites that communicate your brand and grow your sales and awareness.

Equipping Institute

Group Publishing provides innovative and effective resources for churches all over the country. They reached out to Malama Online to help launch a new resource they were introducing called, "Group's Equipping Institute." "For more than 40 years Group Publishing has been working closely with churches all over the country to develop innovative resources that positively transform ministries. Group's Equipping Institute exists solely to share our expertise with ministry leaders like you. We use a … [Read more...]

Prospect Newtown

Prospect Newtown is a unique community development located in Longmont, CO. They have been building and growing their urbanist project for several years now. To usher in the final stages of development, they wanted a new, up-to-date website that fit their physical presence and branding while also featuring what makes their community unique. The site needed to clearly communicate the advantages of the community, help attract new home buyers and be a place for residents and businesses to share … [Read more...]

Spiritual Gifts Discovery

Group Publishing has provided excellent resources for Churches for decades. In this case, they wanted a top-quality spiritual gifts discovery assessment site that integrated with their other Adult Ministry and Church Volunteer resources. "With the easy-to-use online assessment, your volunteers and entire church will discover their own spiritual gifts and better understand how God has uniquely wired them to serve. Plus, you’ll know their gifts, too, so you can equip them and plug them in where … [Read more...]

JK Consultants Web Development

JK Consultants is an executive search firm with more than 20 years of experience in executive recruiting.  They serve companies across all industries, and their access to and knowledge of professional contacts provides the highest level of service and real leadership solutions for their clients. With this in mind, they needed a major website refresh, including re-branding, an on-boarding funnel, and integration with a new job board. We partnered with Local Leverage out of Fresno, CA to … [Read more...]

MediaWorks Resource Group

MediaWorks Resource Group is a talented media training company based out of Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in helping people present the best message possible when giving interviews over television, radio, or the Internet. As you can imagine, media trainers work in the Big Leagues and therefore must themselves come across as clear and professional. They often work with clients in high profile fields like healthcare, government, or entertainment. We worked with founder Mark Bernheimer to … [Read more...]

Credit Management Specialists WordPress Development

Dan Beck's Credit Management Specialists is a small, highly skilled credit repair team based out of Greeley, CO. The nature of their business is highly personal, dealing with one of the most sensitive subjects people have--finances. This means it is critically important to communicate and establish trust as fast as possible when meeting a potential client. At the same time, it is important to bring out the softer and less dull side of credit and finance to engage, rather than bore, … [Read more...]

The Inn at Old Town WordPress Development

The Inn at Old Town is a small motel in the heart of Bandon, Oregon. They were in need of a website update to show off the beautiful Bandon coast, their cozy motel, and the solid reviews and ratings they've received over the years. The owners of the motel got in touch with Robyn Dombrowski at Creative Heads, Inc. who included us in the website WordPress development. Robyn put together elegant revisions on a well-chosen WordPress theme to make the Inn at Old Town's site stand apart from other … [Read more...]

A Victorian Bride

A Victorian Bride is a make-up and hair artist based in Sarasota, Florida. The owner was looking for an updated, elegant feel based on much of the content of her current site. The new design needed to be easy to update, draw people in with photo galleries of her work, and motivate people to call for an appointment. And, as is the case with many sites today, she needed it to maintain or improve its current rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. As with the large majority of our … [Read more...]

California Medical Business Services

California Medical Business Services helps health care providers in California improve their own businesses through a wide variety of offerings specific to the medical industry. They wanted a clean site that immediately communicated both their professionalism and range of services. Medical website specialist Kim Longeteig chose a bright, clean, and neutral color palette to liven up the information and energize the site. The site also used fun imagery and icons throughout to help visitors stay … [Read more...]

Rodriguez Law Office

Rodriguez Law Office is a small firm based out of Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in bilingual litigation of civil, criminal, and immigration cases. Prior to this redesign, RLO had a text-only, hard-coded site that lacked the emotional appeal and updatability that they needed. Designing a website for lawyers that comes off as friendly and helpful can be a challenge simply because of the stigma surrounding the practice of law in America. So, designer Amy Lane and RLO's attorneys focused on … [Read more...]